Flying big and small, fast and slow, planes & helicopters…

Founded in 1947, this club remains very active throughout the year. Our membership comprises BMFA trainers and examiners, and are happy to welcome any newcomers to join us in this exciting hobby.

We are lucky to have the use of a site on Kemble airfield on the border between Wiltshire and Gloucestershire in the UK, where we have been based for many years. We fly from a tarmac taxi-way in the southern corner of the airfield. We also have use of a field near Malmesbury with grass runway and greater flexibility for flying.

From 1966 until 1983, the Red Arrows, our national aerobatic team, were based at Kemble, and whilst small, the airfield remains a very active centre for light aircraft and microlights, with facilities for aircraft renovation, notably the Vintage Flier’s company and of course the recycling of life ex airframes…

We now have two sites up and running, Kemble for all weather, and a field at Woodhill Farm.

3D printed by members

When to fly…

At our Kemble Airfield site…

Summer Club Evenings on Thursdays.

Sundays Club Days all year.

Weekends and bank holidays all day, and also any evening after 5pm.

Visit the wind speed page for Kemble.

At our Woodhill Farm site…

Summer Club Evenings on Tuesdays.

Generally available when you like, all year round (except January).

Upcoming events

Youthful and older pilots are just as welcome. Do please come and try it out.

Founding member Mr. Jeffries in 1947, holding the original proposal for the club.