All set up for a perfect day at Woodhill!
Our new club trainer.
We take safety seriously, and have been making changes so that we can be safer.

Member Alan gives a great tech talk on aviation history. Part 2 to follow.

Awaiting clearance for take off!
Test flight. The beast lives!
Member John giving an evening Tech Talk about being a fighter pilot in the RAF.

A new addition. Only 92 inch wingspan! Picked up on Facebook, but everything works. Soon to be fettled.

1/3 scale pilot under construction. A good job for when it’s raining and you can’t fly!

A newly refurbished Hanger9 Sbach. Now with 20cc petrol engine, new spats, prop and spinner.

Mitchel takes off

The Mitchell coming in to land on it’s maiden flight.
Pat’s Mitchell B25 awaiting it’s maiden flight Thursday 7th September 2023

Carbon Cub in flight

Josh’s Carbon Cub doing a Knife Edge

Terry Mitchell’s Buccaneer model flyby, 2023.

The Buccaneer flies again, 2023, very kindly donated by the Mitchell family. Needs some bigger batteries!

Maiden flight of the Buccaneer model, 2014; piloted by it’s creator, the amazing Terry Mitchell.

Warbirds line up.

Club caps are for £10. Dogs are for life!

Pat kneeling next to his Gladiator remote control biplane on the concrete landing strip.
Pat and his Gladiator
John standing next to his giant three bladed remote control helicopter parked on a table.
John and his giant three bladed helicopter
The Gladiator comes in to land.
The Gladiator’s maiden flight.
The cast of the last Thursday Club Night of 2022
The last Thursday Club Night at Kemble 2022
Hughes 500 taking off and hovering
Hughes 500

P-51 and B-25 Taxiing
P-51 Mustang landing
B-25 landing
P-51 and B-25 flying together
A busy day
A “Waco”, 3D printed by a member.
The liquid fuel Tripacer comes in to land.
The Big Extra taking off.
Big Extra planes make good noises.
Had a wonderful day flying a Multiplex solius today. They don’t have flaps and seem to float on forever.
Slope soaring with a bit of company

Photos from a few years ago: Mark (left), Pat and Wife (centre), Chris’s Father (right)

Founding member Mr. Jeffries, in 1947, holding the original proposal to form a model aircraft club.